About Us

Established in 2013, Bones Studio’s

( formerly known as mocap.pl) prime objective is to deliver top-notch quality performance to meet the needs of AAA games, and those of movie and advertising productions. With its 60 Vicon cameras and full performance capture equipment, our volume stage is currently one of the largest in Central Europe.

Our founders include a professional actor, who brings to our animations the authenticity and realism we aim to nail every step of the way / at every stage of production. From the initial talent acquisition, through stage direction right down to editing and creative polishing. The final result are CG characters that come alive each with their very own motion- and character-specific uniqueness.

Also, we do happen to have the best coffee
in town, so do drop by.

Adrian Perdjon
Bones – CEO, Co-founder

Diagnosed performance-captureoholic. Serial entrepreneur. Adrian is a professional actor with 12 years of experience in motion capture industry.
He is that guy who performed Geralt and most of male characters in the Witcher 2 game. In 2013 he funded Bones Studio and from that time he is absolutely passionate about mocap and vision of filmmaking in game engines. Grit driven leader, technology geek with strong believe that impossible is nothing. Inspired and motivated by life and career of Walt Disney. Cartoons fan, black powder shooter and proud father of two boys.

Favorite games: Warhammer, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Juarez.

Favorite cinematics: Dead Island I, The Witcher – Killing Monsters.

Marcin Panek
Bones – CTO, Co-founder

Inventor and creative programist. Nominated for MIT 30 under 30. As a co-founder of Leia Display System and Virthu companies Marcin gained deep knowledge about real-time motion capture and holography.
Wide variety of projects for big brands like: Adidas, Ferrari and VW made him an expert in developing 3D digital worlds. He’s the lead inventor and developer of all pipelines and systems within company.

Favorite games: The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls, Myst.

Favorite cinematics: Cyberpunk 2077 (by PI), The Witcher III: A Night to Remember.

Michał Kozicki
Bones – Co-founder

Michał has established executive experience in media industry. As a CEO of HBO Polska he was responsible for most competitive TV market in CE, simultaneously as a SVP of HBO Europe he was leading multicultural content distribution team in 18 European countries.
Holds master’s degree in Economics, during his quest in Search of Knowledge acquired some additional skills by graduating also from INSEAD, Saïd Business School University of Oxford, MIT Sloan School of Management and Cambridge Judge Business school. Fallen in love in idea with motion capture and process of digital creation.

Eternal gamer, perpetual reader and everlasting student.

Favorite games: Civilization, Hearts of Iron, Fallout and Mount & Blade saga.

Favorite cinematics: The Division 2 – trailer, Dead Island I – trailer, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Story Trailer

Agnieszka Podlewska
Bones – Mocap Specialist

Inspired by animation. She got her Bachelors degree with the thesis about Motion Capture. Started working in Bones Studio as an intern, but it didn’t took long for her to become an key member of the crew.
Currently she stands behind every stage of the Mocap pipeline, from camera system calibration to directing sessions and retargeting. Her love for animation pushed her to start studies in Animation Mentor school.

Favorite games: Dead By Daylight, The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt.

Favorite cinematics: The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt – Warriors, League of Legends.

Marcin Paśko
Bones – Character Animator

Hothead and fan of drawing and computer graphics since childhood. 3d generalist with a strong focus on character animation. Animator in games such as Dr. Cares 3, Fabulous 6, or Titan Charge.
He loves working in a team, solving difficult tasks and taking on new challenges.

Favorite games: Prince of Persia, Tetris, Gran Turismo.

Favorite cinematics: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Johnny Express.

Damian Pszczółkowski
Bones – Character Animator

Animator and cut scene’s artist in Unity and Unreal, meticulous rigger. Great fan of Ghibli studio’s production and relentless propagator of calisthenic.

Favorite games: Patapon 2, LocoRoco 2, Crash Bandicoot 3, Ratchet and Clank.

Favorite cinematics: The Witcher 2, Frostpunk 2.

Radosław Wysocki
Bones – R&D Specialist

Radek started programming when he was ten. Self-taught coder pursuing evert task labeled with mission impossible tag. He deeply believe, that respecting personal freedom and thinking outside of the box, can and will change the world.
Radek grew up in New Zealand, while his parents were working for Weta Digital.

Favorite games: D&D, Civilization.

Favorite cinematics: Cyberpunk 2077.