Why Poland?

Poland’s Central European location means Warsaw
is a mere two-hourflight away from almost any European city,
and our studio is only 30 minutes from the airport.

Poland boasts internationally recognised talent and widely acclaimed companies including CD Projekt ( Games: The Witcher and CyberPunk 2077), Platige Image ( Netflix’s series: The Witcher) or Opus Film (Oscar awarded Ida).

Cash incentive scheme

The Polish Film Institute’s reimbursement programme means incentives are available for feature films, animations, documentaries and series. These apply to Polish but also international co-productions, as well as services provided for foreign productions.

Reimbursement amounts to 30% of eligible costs and up to
15 M PLN / 4 M USD
per project.

Why not cut costs even further? By joining up with other Polish partners such as Platige Image, Ars Thanea, Locomotive or 3DE, further funds can be obtained to cover areas like creation of concept art, 3D animation and VFX down to post-production.